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Pilates Reformer Training

The Pilates Reformer can be a beneficial tool in both healing the body and challenging the body in physical fitness. It is well known for reducing low back, hip & pelvic pain, improving faulty movement patterns, enhancing posture, increasing core strength, optimizing breath patterns, and so much more!  Try one of our small group Reformer classes to see how it can help YOU!

45 minutes
Small Class Size: 3-4 people
Must Pre-Register

We offer several class options each week. Due to small class size you must pre-register. We require that you have previous experience on the Reformer before joining a group class. We offer a discounted intro class for those that have never been on the Reformer machine before.


All about supporting a healthy pelvis! A slow and gentle class, focused on stretching, muscle activation, posture training and breath work. A great option for those struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction, core weakness, postpartum, or chronic pain in the hips, pelvis or low back. Led by Doctors of Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health Specialists.

Pelvic Power

Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

This class will keep you moving the entire time and really build some muscle heat. Focusing on full body strength & stretching to challenge your body in muscle endurance, stability and movement coordination.

Level: Intermediate.

Fire & Flow

This restorative class slows things down, by offering relaxation, full body stretching, breath work and stability challenges. Great for the person seeking improved flexibility, balance or recovery. A great class to help restore the busy mind and body.

Level: Beginner

Stretch & Reset

Fitness Training

We believe that fitness & wellness are crucial to the body's overall health and wellbeing. Fit PT offers a variety of small group fitness training to enhance your experience. Whether your goals are to increase strength, balance, flexibility or improve cardiovascular health, we have a class for you! Check out our variety of classes below.

Barre Burn

Women & Weights

45 minutes
Small Class Size: 4-6 people
Must Pre-Register

TRX Strength

Barre combines Pilates, Yoga & Ballet Barre to fun, upbeat music. A fast faced class that focuses on strengthening the glutes, shoulders and core, as well as feel good stretching for the full body. Uses a ballet barre and various props such as bands, balls and light weights. 

Women & Weights is focused on building muscle mass by using progressive loading principles. This full body strength class challenges your large muscle systems by using dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. Amazing for gaining muscle strength and improving bone density.

TRX Strength is an upbeat and challenging class, targeting full body, progressive muscle strengthening. Includes work on the TRX straps, BOSU ball, weights, bands, and bench. Come challenge yourself and cheer each other on!

Core & Cardio

This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class aims to elevate your heart rate and cardiovascular health! Combining several cardio intensive moves with your favorite core exercises. All jumping exercises can be adapted to non-plyometric modifications.


"The staff at Fit PT are kind, considerate, knowledgeable and encouraging! I am so grateful to also take barre + other fitness classes in this dreamy studio with instructors that always make me feel supported. Every time I leave Fit PT, I am filled with a sense of joy and empowerment."


"After only ONE appointment with Fit PT, I found my core! I now feel more connected to my body and more intentional about my movements. Working with Fit PT has been transformational for my entire body, my health and overall wellness, I am forever grateful for FIT PT. "


“Fit PT didn't stop once the pain was gone. They helped me understand how to truly build muscle strength and posture in a way that no one had ever done before. Their approach gave me the small victories I needed to enhance this aspect of my health. I feel stronger, sleep better and have been pain free for several months. I am so grateful for Fit PT!”


"Hands down, the best experience! Whether you are advanced in your fitness journey or looking for the basics, this team is the best. I came in for Diastasis and pelvic floor work and have advanced my care to focusing on posture and proper weight lifting techniques."



“Fit PT is AMAZING! Their doctors are very kind, compassionate and understanding. They don't just treat the issues, they teach you why you experience an issue and how to fix it. Fit PT made me feel heard, understood, and safe. I can’t recommend them enough!

"Coming into the office was a great experience - the inviting atmosphere and professional feel was exactly what I needed. I not only got the great personal feel and experience from start to finish, but I saw RESULTS! I had been struggling with my symptoms and issues for 10+ years before starting  care.
Highly recommend Fit PT!"


"Fit PT is the best! They have helped me get back to running after injury through dry needling, muscle release, and strengthening exercises. Fit PT helped me with my running form to help prevent future injury.”


“I am so happy to have found Fit PT. I'm expecting my first baby and they helped answer so many questions I have about the changes in my body, and provided expertise on how I can best take care of myself throughout pregnancy.”


"Fit PT has been a life saver with alleviating pain that I have dealt with for years with endometriosis. They have helped me understand why I have had the pain and tension in my stomach. Slowly but surely I’m coming back together!"


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