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About Fit PT

Fit PT offers quality, one on one care that keeps you active, healthy & living your best life! We emphasize a holistic and customized approach to your wellbeing. Our service menu includes a beautiful blend of physical therapy, fitness and wellness based care. You get to mix and match to meet your needs and goals! 

If you struggle with staying active and healthy in the activities that you love, we are here to help! Here at Fit PT, we enjoy collaborating with other health and fitness professionals to help you receive the very best care, education and results.

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What We Stand For


At Fit PT, we believe that your body's health and wellness is best achieved through a well rounded, holistic approach and with you leading at the forefront. We want this journey to be all about YOU! We promise to always put your body’s personal needs, desires and goals first. We promise to provide you with quality, one on one, and individually tailored care every visit.

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We believe in a collaborative approach.
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About Dr. Kaitlin

Dr. Kaitlin haider, pt, dpt

Dr. Kaitlin is a Physical Therapist and Fitness Expert. She has a love for all things health, wellness and fitness, and strongly believes in a holistic approach to your physical wellbeing! Specializing in Women's Health and Fitness Medicine, she is well known for her expertise in core strengthening and bladder retraining. She enjoys working with women of all ages and abilities. Dr. Kaitlin has been certified in a variety of exercise domains, including: Pilates, Yoga, Strength & Conditioning, and Athletic Training.

Dr. Kaitlin loves owning and running a health & wellness practice with her mother, Diane Klos. As a child, she was always inspired by her mother's passion for her career and helping people. Together, they strive to provide quality health and wellness care to the women of their communities!

Specializes In:
Core Strengthening
Pelvic Floor Rehab - Bladder Leakage
Fitness  & Running Injuries
Postpartum Return to Fitness
Hip, Pelvic & Low Back Pain Management
Pilates & Yoga Based Rehab
Strength & Conditioning

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About Diane


After spending 25 years in a standard healthcare system, Diane had a dream of doing healthcare differently. She had a vision of creating a practice that did physical therapy care bigger & better, for both her patients and herself as a practitioner. Thus Fit PT was born! Diane opened the first Fit PT practice in 2015 in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Specialized in serving women in a wellness and fitness based environment, and prioritizing quality care over quantity care. Diane still resides and practices in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

Diane Klos is a women’s health physical therapist, with speciality training in both sports medicine and Pilates rehabilitation. She has 35 years of experience in the field, working with women of all ages and abilities. She treats all injuries related to women’s bodies and sport. She has a passion for serving the active female over the course of her lifetime, and enjoys helping with transitions through menopause.

Specializes In:
Core Strengthening
Post Menopausal Health & Fitness
Fitness & Sports Injuries
Low Back & Hip Pain Management
Neck and Shoulder Pain Management
Dry Needling
Pilates Rehab
Gymnastics & Dance Medicine

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About Brenna

Brenna sabo, RN, BSN

Brenna is both a Registered Nurse and Integrative Health Coach, who is on a mission to help women improve their health longevity and quality of life! She blends her conventional and functional medicine training together for a well rounded, integrative approach to care. Whatever your biggest obstacle to optimal health, Brenna is here to help encourage and guide you towards accomplishing your BIG and beautiful goals. Brenna and her husband live in Woodbury, MN with their two boys, two dogs, as well as their pet tortoise. When Brenna is not working, she enjoys being outside, going to the cabin, traveling and spending time with her family and friends. 

Specializes In:
Busy Mom Life
Gut Health
Mental Health
Stress Management
Building Community
Health & Longevity

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About Amy

amy swanson
Fitness instructor

Amy is a pilates instructor with a passion for health and wellness. After 15+ years in the dental profession, Amy found pilates as a form of therapy for her body after struggling with the repetitive day to day activities in the dental office. Pilates soon became a passion that she needed to share with others. Following her pilates training, Amy has also trained in yoga & Yamuna body rolling and incorporates all three into her classes.

Amy resides in Hudson with her husband and three girls. When she is not in the studio you will find her spending time with family and enjoying all the craziness life has to bring.

Specializes in: 
Pilates Reformer
Pilates Mat
Yamuna Body Rolling


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About Karen

karen loe
Office administrator

Karen has lived in Hudson with her husband, Dean, for 20+ years. After graduating from UW River Falls with a BS in Psychology she worked in human resources and administration for over 7 years. In the last 16 years, she has been blessed to stay home with her 4 beautiful children. Karen is committed to finding new ways to improve the health and wellness of herself and her family, as she believes we are all a work in progress! She understands the life of a busy mama and loves to share what she’s learned through her experiences.

Karen’s role is to communicate with our patients regarding their health and wellness goals and to assist in connecting them with the perfect provider! Karen is your “go to” gal for all scheduling and communication needs at Fit PT. She truly enjoys interacting with clients and can’t wait to meet you!

Specializes In:
Client Care Coordination
Scheduling & Billing
Office Administration



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"After only ONE appointment with Fit PT, I found my core! I now feel more connected to my body and more intentional about my movements. Working with Dr. Kaitlin has been transformational for my entire body, my health and overall wellness, I am forever grateful for FIT PT. "


“Fit PT has not only helped me in reaching my postpartum goals, but has also given me so much knowledge to understand the changes I am going through. I have never felt more "in tune" with my body. Dr. Kaitlin puts her heart and soul into every session and I could not recommend her enough!” 


"Fit PT is the best! They have helped me get back to running after injury through dry needling, muscle release, and strengthening exercises. Fit PT helped me with my running form to help prevent future injury. If you are in need of a physical therapist, go see them. I recommend without hesitation.”


“Dr. Kaitlin didn't stop once the pain was gone. She helped me understand how to truly build muscle strength and posture in a way that no one had ever been able to before. Her approach gave me the small victories I needed to really work on this aspect of my health. I feel stronger, sleep better and have been pain free for several months. Dr. Kaitlin is a true professional with an expertise that is unmatched. I am so grateful for her and her practice!”



“Fit PT is AMAZING! Dr. Kaitlin is very kind, compassionate and understanding. She doesn’t just treat the issues, she teaches you why you experience an issue and how to fix it. Fit PT made me feel heard, understood, and safe. I can’t recommend them enough! Dr. Kaitlin has taught me so much in the short time I’ve known her. Thank you!”

“First met Dr. Kaitlin as a yoga instructor - her knowledge of the human body and intricacies are outstanding! I soon started private PT sessions with her for chronic issues I had ignored for too long. After a few amazing sessions at Fit PT,
I was on the road to recovery!"


“Fit PT has changed the way I view wellness + exercise. I’ve worked with Dr. Kaitlin in-person, done virtual workouts, and purchased her running guide…all are amazing and worth every single penny. Health is wealth.”


“I am so happy I met Dr. Kaitlin. A PT like her is hard to come by! I'm expecting my first baby and she's helped answer so many questions I have about the changes in my body, and provided expertise on how I can best take care of myself throughout pregnancy.”


“Dr. Kaitlin does such a phenomenal job, I have been so impressed with her! She is great at educating on movement and exercise and takes plenty of time to work with you one on one with both manual therapy and exercises. She has a unique approach to physical therapy that is much need and appreciated! Fit PT is helping me treat and heal shin splints and is getting me back to running. Love them, 10/10 highly recommend!”


“I am on my 3rd pregnancy and have dealt with abdominal separation for 6 years. My sessions have been so uplifting and encouraging with Dr. Kaitlin. I know it’s important to take care of myself and prep my body before AND after baby comes, instead of just dealing with it! I’m so excited to strengthen muscles and to get better control of my body! ”


“First met Dr. Kaitlin as a yoga instructor - her knowledge of the human body and intricacies are outstanding! I soon started private PT sessions for chronic issues I had ignored for too long. After a few amazing sessions at Fit PT,
I was on the road to recovery!"


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