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Core Weakness
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Bladder Leakage
Postpartum Recovery & Fitness
Pregnancy Care & Fitness
Birth Preparation
Painful Intercourse
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Abdominal Separation
Abdominal Scar Tissue Work
Endometriosis Management
Chronic Constipation
Pelvic, Sacral & Tailbone Pain

Low Back Pain
Neck & Upper Back Pain
Muscle Pain and Weakness
Breath Work
Return to Running
Athletic & Fitness Injuries
Poor Posture & Postural Pain
Joint Pain & Stiffness
Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain
Shoulder Pain & Instability
Tennis & Golfer's Elbow

Common Conditions We Treat



Our high quality physical therapy services are provided by Doctors of Physical therapy, with extensive knowledge and specialty training in Pelvic Health, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. We strive to provide quality, one on one care that is customized to meet your individual needs and desires. We offer both in person and virtual physical therapy services.  A combination of Therapy, Fitness and Wellness services are provided every session!





customized CARE to MEET your body’s DESIRES!

Women’s & Pelvic Health
Fitness Medicine
Core & Pelvic Floor Retraining
 Pregnancy & Postpartum Care
Fitness & Running Injury & Prevention
Pilates & Yoga Rehab
Custom Return to Fitness Programs
Postural Training
Pain Management & Prevention
Myofascial Release
Dry Needling

In Person Physical Therapy Services

Initial Evaluation


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Follow Up


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Follow Up 6 Pack

50 MINUTES each

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Wellness Membership

One PT Session/month

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Virtual Physical Therapy Appointments

Initial Evaluation


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FITNESS & Wellness


We believe that fitness & wellness are crucial to the body's overall health and wellbeing! We take the approach of helping individuals transition smoothly from physical therapy care to fitness & wellness based care. Helping our clients overcome injuries, pain, weakness and chronic conditions through physical therapy AND THEN helping them integrate these new movements into their desired fitness routines. Fit PT offers a variety of Pilates, Yoga & Strength based classes, as well as Wellness Coaching services.






Private & Duet

Barre & Bubbly
PiYo Flow
Roll & Release
TRX & Strength
Core Restore
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Return to Run Program
Gait Analysis
Wellness Coaching


Barre & Bubbly

PiYo Flow

All classes 45 minutes
Must pre-register (no drop ins)
Hosted periodically throughout the month!

TRX & Strength

Pilates Reformer Training

Core Restore

Roll & Release

Barre combines Pilates, Yoga & Ballet Barre to fun, upbeat music. A fast faced class that focuses on strengthening the glutes, shoulders and core, as well as feel good stretching for the full body. Uses a ballet barre and various props such as bands, balls and light weights. Come enjoy some healthy, bubbly refreshments after class!

PiYo Flow is a gentle fusion of Pilates & Yoga. We slow things down by focusing on quality movement, posture and breath. Encompasses full body stretching and strengthening that leaves your body feeling refreshed and energized! Uses various props including balls, bands and the magic circle.

Roll & Release is focused on full body stretching & rolling. Alleviating tight muscles and joints can be extremely beneficial for body's physical health. Alleviate chronic aches, pains and stiffness! Includes foam rollers, yoga straps and Yamuna and Tune Up fitness balls.

TRX & Strength is an upbeat and challenging class, targeting full body strength & cardio. Includes work on the TRX straps, BOSU ball, weights, bands, and bench. Challenge yourself & cheer each other on!

The Pilates Reformer is an incredible exercise machine that can be both assistive and resistive to help enhance your body. Focuses on improving posture, flexibility, spine health and core strength. Work with a certified pilates instructor privately or semi-privately for more personalized atttention.

Core Restore applies proper core techniques learned in one of our workshops or personalized physical therapy to an actual workout class. Focusing on core breathing and strengthening in a slow paced, pilates style class. A perfect transition class between rehabilitation and fitness!

Pilates & Fitness Classes

Small Group Fitness Class Events

4-6 people

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Pilates Reformer Training - Private

1 person

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Pilates Reformer Training - Duet

New Reformer Client Training Special!

2 people

2 private reformer trainings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fit PT right for me?

Is Fit PT right for me?

If you struggle with the health of your physical body, including movement difficulties, pain, discomfort, poor posture, muscle weakness, or chronic conditions that limit your ability to be active in your daily life, then we can help you!

Fit PT specializes in working with active, adult women who are looking to maintain a strong, healthy body and lifestyle. Our Physical Therapists are specialty trained in Women’s & Pelvic Health, Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. They have a special passion for working with women regarding Core & Pelvic Floor Retraining, Running & Triathlete Care, and Managing Hip, Pelvic and Low Back Pain.

Here at Fit PT we go beyond just simply treating your symptoms. Rather, we dive deeper into WHY a certain condition is occurring, HOW to solve the issue, and subsequently PREVENT it from happening again in the future. We believe in a holistic approach to care and enjoy collaborating with other like minded health and wellness professionals that may be a part of your health team.

What's the story behind Fit PT?

What's the story behind Fit PT?

Fit PT was founded in 2015 by a mother daughter duo, Diane Klos and Kaitlin Haider. These ladies saw an opportunity to take the healthcare experience to the next level by merging together their physical therapy expertise, multiple fitness certifications, and their passion for holistic health and wellness.

Fit PT provides a more personalized, well rounded care experience than the traditional physical therapy model. You aren’t limited in your care by strict insurance plans or by busy corporate hospital systems. Putting YOU in charge of your health journey creates better outcomes, success rates, and happiness!

When working with their clients, Kaitlin and Diane wear a multitude of hats...physical therapist, fitness instructor and wellness coach. These female founders work together to keep the Fit PT visionary alive & thriving! You can find Dr. Kaitlin Haider, PT, DPT at the Fit PT location in Hudson, WI and Diane Klos, MS, PT at Dynamic Performance and Therapy in Onalaska, WI.

Do you accept insurance?

Do you accept my insurance?

Fit PT is a self-pay health & wellness practice, meaning that you as the client directly exchange payment for service. Differing from a traditional, in network insurance based model, we emphasize quality care vs. quantity care. As a Fit PT client, you are given the flexibility to choose exactly what type of care you would like to receive, including how much and how often.

We offer a variety of service options and packages, allowing you to choose your own adventure! You know exactly what you are paying for up front and will never receive a surprise medical bill in the mail. We accept all major payment methods including, cash, check, credit/debit card, HSA/FSA card. If you would like to submit your physical therapy sessions to insurance for possible out of network reimbursement, we will provide you with an invoice, called a Superbill, that you can personally submit to your insurance provider. If so, please let us know at the time of your first physical therapy visit. If you have specific questions, please contact our office to learn more.

What are your prices and packages?

What are your prices and packages?

Get access to our Prices and Package Guide HERE!

What can I expect during my first physical therapy visit?

What can I expect during my initial evaluation?

All new physical therapy clients will start with an initial evaluation. You will sit down with your provider and discuss your medical history, current concerns, and personal goals for your body. You will then be led through a thorough movement assessment to give your provider a better understanding of what your body is currently doing well and what it may need work on to improve your body’s function. This is simply a starting point and offers your provider very helpful information. You will then receive any necessary hands on body work, guided exercise, education and coaching strategies. Your experience will be completely individualized and catered to meet your personal needs and goals! We recommend wearing fitness clothing or something comfortable to move in. Indoor fitness shoes may also be helpful to bring with you.

 *Note: Virtual appointments will be the led exactly the same way, except performed through a secure videoconferencing.

"After only ONE appointment with Dr. Kaitlin, she helped me find my core! I now feel more connected to my body and more intentional about my movements. Working with Dr. Kaitlin has been transformational for my entire body, my health and overall wellness, I am forever grateful for FIT PT. "


“Fit PT has not only helped me in reaching my postpartum goals, but has also given me so much knowledge to understand the changes I am going through. I have never felt more "in tune" with my body. Dr. Kaitlin puts her heart and soul into every session and I could not recommend her enough!” 


“Dr. Kaitlin didn't stop once the pain was gone. She helped me understand how to truly build muscle strength and posture in a way that no one had ever been able to before. Her approach gave me the small victories I needed to really work on this aspect of my health. I feel stronger, sleep better and have been pain free for several months. Dr. Kaitlin is a true professional with an expertise that is unmatched. I am so grateful for her and her practice!”



“Dr Kaitlin is AMAZING! She’s very kind, compassionate and understanding. She doesn’t just treat the issues, she teaches you why you experience an issue and how to fix it.Dr. Kaitlin makes me feel heard, understood, and safe. I can’t recommend her enough! She’s taught me so much in the short time I’ve known her. Thank you Dr. Kaitlin!”

“Fit PT has changed the way I view wellness + exercise. I’ve worked with Dr. Kaitlin in-person, done virtual workouts, and purchased her running guide…all are amazing and worth every single penny. Health is wealth.”


“I am so happy I met Dr. Kaitlin. A PT like her is hard to come by! I'm expecting my first baby and she's helped answer so many questions I have about the changes in my body, and provided expertise on how I can best take care of myself throughout pregnancy.”


"Dr. Kaitlin is the best! She has helped me get back to running after injury through dry needling, muscle release, and strengthening exercises. She helped me with my running form to help prevent future injury. If you are in need of a physical therapist, go see her. I recommend her without hesitation.”


“Dr. Kaitlin does such a phenomenal job, I have been so impressed with her! She is great at educating on movement and exercise and takes plenty of time to work with you one on one with both manual therapy and exercises. She has a unique approach to physical therapy that is much need and appreciated! Dr. Kaitlin is helping me treat and heal shin splints and is getting me back to running. Love her, 10/10 highly recommend!”


“I am on my 3rd pregnancy and have dealt with abdominal separation for 6 years. My sessions have been so uplifting and encouraging with Dr. Kaitlin. I know it’s important to take care of myself and prep my body before AND after baby comes, instead of just dealing with it! I’m so excited to strengthen muscles and to get better control of my body! ”


"Dr. Kaitlin is so educated and experienced in all things movement! Her caring mannerism and dedication to her clients stands out. I’d highly recommend!"


“First met Dr. Kaitlin as a yoga instructor - her knowledge of the human body and intricacies are outstanding! I soon started private PT sessions with her for chronic issues I had ignored for too long. After a few amazing sessions at Fit PT,
I was on the road to recovery!"


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