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Many people struggle to find a "How to" running program that actually works for their specific needs & goals. I’m speaking to those who have ran in the past, but not in a while. To those that have difficulty adhering to a generalized program. To those that can't seem to find the right fit for their body's needs. To those that are recovering from injuries. To those that have taken some time off of training and feel out of running shape. And even to those that have never been a runner!

Whoever you are, we will help create a running program that is specific for you and your goals!

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No "One Sized Fits All" Here

What if you could have a running program that was customized completely for YOU by a sports medicine professional? With this program, running specialized physical therapists will guide you to success while avoiding pain and injury along the way. Sound like everything you hoped and dreamed of?! Then the Fit PT Return to Running Guide is just for you!

This Program Is Perfect For The Person Who...

1. Has ran in the past but not in a while
2. Is looking for safe & effective ways to increase miles and avoid injury
3. Is recovering from recent injury, pain or time off of training
4. Recently had a baby. Yay you!
5. Is currently pregnant and looking for safe adaptations
6. Has struggled finding success with free, online generalized programs
7. Has NEVER ran (besides that dreadful gym class mile run)


10 Week Customized Running Program

 25 Minute Virtual coaching Call

free access to our
Running Guide

customized program to fit your specific needs

The Support You Need to Get Yourself Up & Running Those First SEVERAL Miles!


What You Get With This Program


"After only ONE appointment with Fit PT, I found my core! I now feel more connected to my body and more intentional about my movements. Working with Dr. Kaitlin has been transformational for my entire body, my health and overall wellness, I am forever grateful for FIT PT. "


“Fit PT has not only helped me in reaching my postpartum goals, but has also given me so much knowledge to understand the changes I am going through. I have never felt more "in tune" with my body. Dr. Kaitlin puts her heart and soul into every session and I could not recommend her enough!” 


"Fit PT is the best! They have helped me get back to running after injury through dry needling, muscle release, and strengthening exercises. Fit PT helped me with my running form to help prevent future injury. If you are in need of a physical therapist, go see them. I recommend without hesitation.”


“Dr. Kaitlin didn't stop once the pain was gone. She helped me understand how to truly build muscle strength and posture in a way that no one had ever been able to before. Her approach gave me the small victories I needed to really work on this aspect of my health. I feel stronger, sleep better and have been pain free for several months. Dr. Kaitlin is a true professional with an expertise that is unmatched. I am so grateful for her and her practice!”



“Fit PT is AMAZING! Dr. Kaitlin is very kind, compassionate and understanding. She doesn’t just treat the issues, she teaches you why you experience an issue and how to fix it. Fit PT made me feel heard, understood, and safe. I can’t recommend them enough! Dr. Kaitlin has taught me so much in the short time I’ve known her. Thank you!”

“First met Dr. Kaitlin as a yoga instructor - her knowledge of the human body and intricacies are outstanding! I soon started private PT sessions with her for chronic issues I had ignored for too long. After a few amazing sessions at Fit PT,
I was on the road to recovery!"


“Fit PT has changed the way I view wellness + exercise. I’ve worked with Dr. Kaitlin in-person, done virtual workouts, and purchased her running guide…all are amazing and worth every single penny. Health is wealth.”


“I am so happy I met Dr. Kaitlin. A PT like her is hard to come by! I'm expecting my first baby and she's helped answer so many questions I have about the changes in my body, and provided expertise on how I can best take care of myself throughout pregnancy.”


“Dr. Kaitlin does such a phenomenal job, I have been so impressed with her! She is great at educating on movement and exercise and takes plenty of time to work with you one on one with both manual therapy and exercises. She has a unique approach to physical therapy that is much need and appreciated! Fit PT is helping me treat and heal shin splints and is getting me back to running. Love them, 10/10 highly recommend!”


“I am on my 3rd pregnancy and have dealt with abdominal separation for 6 years. My sessions have been so uplifting and encouraging with Dr. Kaitlin. I know it’s important to take care of myself and prep my body before AND after baby comes, instead of just dealing with it! I’m so excited to strengthen muscles and to get better control of my body! ”


“First met Dr. Kaitlin as a yoga instructor - her knowledge of the human body and intricacies are outstanding! I soon started private PT sessions for chronic issues I had ignored for too long. After a few amazing sessions at Fit PT,
I was on the road to recovery!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right for Me?

Is this the right program for me?

Do you struggle with getting into a running routine due to:
1. Lack of motivation?
2. Poor adherence & discipline?
3. Onset of pain or injury?
4. Unsure where to start?
5. Difficulty finding a plan that specifically fits your needs?

Then this is the perfect program for you! You will be working with a sports medicine professional with extensive knowledge and experience coaching fitness and injury prevention. Your running coach will be your #1 guide and set you up for nothing shy of success.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Simply click on one of the links above to schedule your first 30 minute Virtual Return to Run Coaching Call. This is where the magic happens! Because this is a customized program, we want to actually meet with you to learn about your personal needs and running goals before designing your custom program. You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire prior to your first coaching call.  After the initial coaching call we will provide you with 3 weeks worth of training. You will schedule a second coaching call at the end of those 3 weeks to check in with your coach. We will discuss how things are going and make any necessary adjustments to the rest of your program and then provide you with training weeks 4-10. Then away you go! If you need more help along the way, we offer a la carte virtual coaching calls and running analysis to further assist you throughout your program. We provide you with as much independence OR hand holding along the way...whatever you need to be successful!

What Will My Running Program Look Like?

What does the program include?

Your running program will be completely customized to fit your body's needs, desires and goals. You will receive your program within 5 days of your virtual coaching call. The program itself will include suggestions for running intensity and frequency as well as walking, cross training and stretching. The program is written out like a calendar so you can easily follow along and cross off your workouts as you progress through. There are a total of 10 weeks or "levels" to complete to reach your personal mileage goals!

What If I Don't Live Locally?

What If I Don't Live Locally?

No problem! Custom online programs and coaching are available Nationwide. We would love the opportunity to work with you on bettering your body!

What If I Develop Pain Or Injury While Participating In My Program?

What I develop pain or an injury while participating in my program?

The possibility of developing pain or an injury while participating in this program makes us sad, but we know that despite all preventative measures, it is possible. The good news is that your running coach is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy and specializes in running injuries and sports medicine. They would be happy to schedule a virtual coaching call with you to discuss your concerns in more detail and offer helpful suggestions or get you started with some physical therapy care.

How Much Does It Cost?


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